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[ profile] hd_cliche - a low stress, mini-fest celebrating well-loved cliches in the Harry/Draco Fandom!

So, I've signed up for HD Cliche Fests this year and as usual my ideas are overwhelming my actual abilities and I've made three starts with nothing much concrete. However, I like having a deadline and a beta always helps keep me focused.

I've claimed the following cliches:

Cliche Choice #1: Hogwarts professors
Cliche Choice #2: body!swap
Cliche Choice #3: scar!kink

I was considering playing with this a lot and having Pansy be the Potion Master and a few other curve balls but the more I think about it I might use this as permission to totally indulge in the tropes rather than fighting them so it'll be potions for Draco / defence for Harry, students ship it, Pansy and Hermione know before they do, sickly sweet despite the bitter bickering, pining, dodgy exploration of body-swapped bodies, healing sex, etc. Also, healer Pansy with background Pansy/Neville, Luna/Ginny (or Ginny/Blaise, TBC), Ron/Hermione, and Lavender/Parvati. Some details are still in the air because I haven't totally decided on some key plot elements.

If anyone would be interesting in reading as I finish sections and helping me pick what to keep and what to scrap when I inevitably hit a wall of indecision please let me know?

I work in Google Docs and am open to any and all feedback that might improve my work, but for now I just need someone to keep me on track and bounce ideas off. If you're only up to cheer/alpha that's fine too. I'll be aiming to get all plotting and a good start on the first full draft today and next weekend.

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